Lisboa | Bica | R. Cordoeiros 30

Cordoeiros 30 is located in the lower part of Bica, one of Lisbon’s most typical and charismatic neighborhoods, where you can feel life in every street corner, in every cafe, in everyone.

Facing the Tagus river, this tall and ancient building has lots of history and stories to tell.

The rehabilitation works included almost all of the building’s structure, a new elevator and a whole architectural upgrade.

Estimated delivery: October 2017
Year of the project: 2016/2017
Construction company: Civilsul


R. dos Cordoeiros 30, Lisboa

Rehabilitation of outdoor areas:

– new roof and new zinc dormers
– fully recovered façade and patios
– new window frames in PVC
– new terraces
– facades lighting

Rehabilitation of interior common areas:

– elevator
– entryway of the building
– stairwell recovered
– lighting the stairway enclosure, the facade and lobby
– new supply columns (water, electricity, telecommunications)

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All apartments are available as turn-on key, fully equiped and furnished.

The premium decoration is from Vintage Department store, who chose high end pieces and unique designer materials.

The architecture project intented to bring high quality standards to every detail.


Apartamento 1ºEsq.

Apartamento com 165m2 e um pátio de 52m2.
Obra de reabilitação em curso.


Apartamento 1ºDto

Apartamento com 100m2.
Obra de reabilitação em curso.


Apartamento 2ºDto

Apartamento com 156m2 e um terraço de 18m2.
Obra de reabilitação em curso.

FRAÇÃO Área bruta interior (m2) Área exterior (m2) Valor sem obra  Valor chave na mão  Status  Planta
1º Esq 165 52 570.000€ 680.000€ Disponível 1E
1º Dto 100 9 365.000€ 450.000€ Disponível 1D
2º Dto 156 18 540.000€ 650.000€ Disponível 2D
3º Esq 84 Vendido 3E
3º Frt 87 Vendido 3F
4º A 48 Vendido 4A
4º B 25 Vendido 4B
4º C 49 Vendido 4C
4º D 47 Vendido 4D

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